Anansi is an extension for Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, etc. that allows you to view private content from web pages such as premium newspaper articles.

Support the project

By supporting the project I can dedicate more time to its development and add new improvements, or you can simply show your appreciation.

How to install

Sadly, the policy of the Google applications store does not allow publishing this type of extension, so it is necessary to install it manually.

  1. Download the app file and save it on your computer.
  2. Navigate to the directory where the application has been downloaded. You will see a file called This is a compressed file that contains a folder with all the files of the app.
  3. Unzip the file and you will obtain a folder called App.
  4. In your browser, go to the extensions management. It differs in each browser. It is usually in the main menu or within the section More tools.
  5. In your extensions page activate the Developer mode and click on Load unpacked.
  6. Navigate to the folder you just unzipped and click on accept or open button.
  7. Accept all the messages from the browser if necessary.
  8. If it is correctly installed you will see the application within the list of extensions and in the browser bar.
  9. Disable the Developer mode in your extensions page.

How it works

Once installed in the browser, you will see an icon of a red bug in the top bar.

When you access a page with private content and listed in Anansi, after a few seconds its content will be revealed and fully accessible.

Pages that have been processed by Anansi will display a green badge on the application icon.

Icon with badge when activated

If after appearing as processed, the page does not show the private content refresh the browser (F5).

Pages supported

USA newspapers

The New York Times
The New Yorker
The Washington Post

Spanish newspapers

El Mundo (it takes some seconds to load)
El Pais
El Periódico
La Vanguardia
La Nueva España

Italian newspapers

Corriere Della Sera

Portuguese newspapers

Diário de Notícias (doesn’t show images properly)

Reporting errors and suggestions

If you experience any errors or want to make any suggestions, do not hesitate to use the contact form to send us a message.

If you report an error, we will appreciate that you explain us in the most detailed way possible and providing as much data as possible, such as: the URL where it happened, the browser version, the steps you have followed, etc.