zToaster is a vanilla lightweight JavaScript library that provides an easy way to show toast notifications.

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Basic usage

Adding libraries

Place the stylesheet link into the head before all other stylesheets to load the CSS.

<link href="ztoaster.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

Place the following script near the end of your pages, right before the closing body tag.

<script src="ztoaster.min.js"></script>

Create your first toast!

ztoast("Here we go!");


ztoast(content, options);

content is a string and options is a JSON.


typeNotification style.success, info, warning, error, dark
Default: success
titleNotification title.
positionPosition relative to the viewport.top-right, top-left, top-center, top-full, bottom-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-full
Default: top-right
widthWidth of the toast.Any accepted size format.
Default: 350px
durationTime in microseconds.
3000 = 3 seconds
0 or any number equal or bigger than 1000
0 = toast stays forever
Default: 3000
showIconShow / Hide icon.true, false
Default: true
iconIcon to be displayed. Will override the icon of the selected type.HTML Unicode Symbols
showCloseShow / Hide close button.true, false
Default: true
textColorText color. Will override the styles of the selected type.Any accepted color format.
backgroundColorBackground colour. Will override the styles of the selected type.Any accepted color format.
newerOnTopNewer notification will be displayed on top.true, false
Default: true


ztoast("Here we go!", {
    title:"Hello toast",

Demo and examples